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Millionaire Vagabond is a lifestyle brand dedicated to making financial independence and global travel more accessible to our readers.


Here, we will explore financial topics with our blog series, Think Like a Millionaire, and we will explore global travel destinations and tips with our blog series Plan Like a Vagabond. You will gain insight on the trials and tribulations of creating a new business and building an online presence through our Fail Forward series. You will also receive personal recommendations on what I believe are All the Best Things to build your Millionaire Vagabond lifestyle.


This is a blog about the quest for financial independence and personal freedom, so we will absolutely look at ways to monetize our content that provide value and joy to our readers. This will be through both merchandizing and affiliate marketing. Millionaire Vagabond merchandise includes both shameless self-branding and custom designs. If you don’t think one of our items or recommendations provides the aforementioned value and/or joy, please let us know.


The original Millionaire Vagabond is a United States Marine, a private aircraft pilot, and a deep ocean diver. They have travelled more than 20 countries across the globe, reached an individual net worth of $1 million at the age of 36, and declared independence from a full time job less than a year later. Although the Millionaire Vagabond doesn’t always drink whiskey, when they do, they prefer Green Spot Irish Whiskey (not a paid advertisement, just delightful).

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