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The End of the Beginning

Welcome to Millionaire Vagabond! We're all new here, so let me tell you what to expect. This site will be home to advice, recommendations, and stories about finance and travel for those of you pursuing either the millionaire or the vagabond lifestyle. Most importantly, I hope I can reveal ways for you to better position yourself financially, mentally, and emotionally through actionable steps and advice regardless of where you are on your Millionaire Vagabond journey.

After 13 years of a successful military career, I have reached the end of the beginning and decided it is time to move on. Once I established that I had achieved financial independence, it was (not exactly) easy to decide it was time to set aside my career and embrace the freedom of travel as a Millionaire Vagabond. There is no question that I am ready to stop working 50-plus hours per week, but there is a level of stability and predictability that a full-time career offers which will be missed and creates some trepidation. If you have ever known what needed to be done but feared the uncertainty to follow, you understand my meaning.

Please join me on a journey that I hope is enjoyable for both of us. Over time, I will let you know what brought me here, where we are going, and tools/products/habits that can help you on your own journey.

All the best,

Millionaire Vagabond

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