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What is a Millionaire Vagabond?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

The vagabond wanders from place to place without a fixed home. His companions are the vagrant, the tramp, the bum, the hobo, the fugitive, the itinerant, the nomad, the peregrine, and the gallivanter. What fantastic company to keep!

Meanwhile, the millionaire cavorts with the investor, the tycoon, the plutocrat, the magnate, the mogul, the entrepreneur, the nabob, the baron, and the financier. Sounds like a droll bunch (and a bit anachronistic), but what a tea party the millionaire and the vagabond could have! The would-be Mad Hatter at this tea party is the Millionaire Vagabond. The Millionaire Vagabond need not be a millionaire nor a vagabond, although both are welcome here. Millionaire Vagabonds value financial independence and possess an explorer’s soul. They are at home in a hostel or a tent, a stranger’s home or a friend’s couch, a capsule hotel or a five star resort.

A Millionaire Vagabond counts among their ranks teachers and doctors, analysts and philosophers, cooks and engineers, Marines and airmen, soldiers and sailers (not to mention bloggers). Anyone who can live within their means can achieve financial independence and be well on their way to becoming a Millionaire Vagabond.

Millionaire Vagabonds share a lifestyle or an aspiration - a mindset or an inspiration - a reality or an escape. If this all seems a bit overwhelming, we will break down the key steps along your journey, many common pitfalls, and the perks of the Millionaire Vagabond.

Millionaire, vagabond, neither, or both, I do hope you enjoy your stay!

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